External Vulnerability Scanning

An external vulnerability scan is like a penetration test, that focuses on discovering vulnerabilities on the internet boundary from outside of your organization’s network in order to assist in improving and protect important services. External vulnerability scans identify IP addresses that are publicly accessible to discover possible vulnerabilities and misconfigured ports.

Use external tools to imitate the perspective of an cyber attacker. scanning public-facing IP addresses and internet-accessible services. Proactively discover any potential entry flaws for extenal services before cyber attackers exploit them.

On completion you will receive an executive summary of all vulnerabilities with the means to remediate and tighten your security.

Vulnerability Testing Why Vulnerability Testing is Important

Why Vulnerability Assessments are Important

  • Evaluate the security posture of your system
  • Identify vulnerabilities before hackers find them
  • Prove to customers and future prospects that you are secure
  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements
Size of Netblock:Monthly Cost ex. VATOne-Off Cost ex. VAT
1 device£75£375
Up to 6 devices (/29 netblock)£225£1125
Up to 14 devices (/28 netblock)£375£1875
How safe are your IT Systems?

How safe are your IT Systems?

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Vulnerability Scanning as a Service (VSaaS)

New vulnerabilites are found on a daily basis. The Vulnerability Scanning as a Service (VSaaS) provides an active continuous assessment of all latptops, desktops and servers identifying all known vulnerabilities.

Industry standard advises organizations to scan their internal and external systems at least quarterly.

Proactively identify vulnerable systems and devices that may be exploited by an attacker or malicious software, often resulting in data loss or breach.


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